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Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with
Wireless Remote, USB Port and Massage

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Contemporary Styling

The Platform design has a contemporary look providing the ultimate all-over support for your mattress. A box spring is not needed, creating more room for under bed storage.

Adjusts For Comfort

The head and legs can be raised and lowered using the wireless remote control, while the massage unit adds soothing comfort.

Easy To Set Up

The Adjustable Comfort ships small parcel.  Easy to set up – just unpack, assemble frame and place your mattress on top. Works great with memory foam and latex mattresses as well as adjustable bed friendly spring mattresses.

Zero Gravity Position

Zero Gravity Position simulates weightlessness and is similar to sleeping in a recliner. In this position, most of the stress in your lower back is eliminated, which reduces pressure points on the body.

Sleep Comfortably

Adjustable beds are great for people who suffer from sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux or GERD. The adjustable base allows you to fall asleep more quickly, while enabling you to sleep longer. With more rest, you will wake up more refreshed, energized and alert.

Fits Your Lifestyle

Our Adjustable Comfort Bed Base has many lifestyle benefits. With a touch of a button, you can position yourself as you read, watch TV, work on your computer, and of course, sleep.


Product Specifications

  • Wireless remote with preset zero gravity position, dual massage, multi-position head and foot elevation
  • Platform design fits easily into most traditional bed frame
  • Flat Position, Head Up/Down and Foot Up/Down
  • TV/PC Position: head adjusts 60˚, foot adjusts 20˚
  • Zero Gravity: head adjusts 10˚, foot adjusts 30˚
  • Lounge Position: head adjusts 15˚, foot adjusts 15˚
  • 3-speed dual massage for head and foot
  • Easy Assembly required. Ships Fed-Ex and UPS to your door.

Adjustable Frame

  • 6 legs for added support
  • Supports a maximum weight limit of 650 lbs. and Power Lift capacity of 325 lbs. of evenly distributed weight

Download Instructions
Download Assembly Tips

USB Port

With the USB port, you can charge all of your devices while in the comfort of your bed.

Ships UPS or FED-EX

Easy- to-Assemble, the Adjustable Comfort Bed base ships small parcel to your front door

Foot Retainer Bar

With the foot retainer bar, the mattress is prevented from sliding when the bed is raised and lowered.

Where To Buy

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